A leading European manufacturer of thermoset resins and products based on methanol chemistry

Welcome to Prefere Resins, your "preferred supplier" for phenolic, specialty urea and melamine resins. You also get high-quality derivatives of methanol-(C1)-chemistry from us such as paraformaldehyde, formaldehyde, and hexamethylene tetramine. 

As one of the global market leaders we supply you with a wide range of resins, basic chemical raw materials and additives – quickly and reliably from 14 production sites worldwide. 

Prefere Phenolics

Get tailor-made phenolic and amino resins for your manifold uses in the construction industry, the insulation industry and various special industrial applications – wherever you need us. 

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Prefere Melamines

Whether paint, tire production or decorative coatings: We supply you with melamine resins that have been specially developed for your high-quality applications. 

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Prefere Paraform

Choose the ideal material for the manufacture and refinement of your products like paraformaldehyde, formaldehyde and hexamethylene tetramine, all based on methanol-(C1)-chemistry.

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Prefere Resins with new power

Since July 1st, 2019 the former companies INEOS Paraform and INEOS Melamines are part of the Prefere Resins group. The combination creates three new, strong business units: Prefere Phenolics, Prefere Melamines and Prefere Paraform.

Together, they combine the advantages of more than 100 years of experience, intensive customer relations, technical application know-how and the highest level of innovation:

  • Significantly expanded range of phenolic, amino and melamine resins as well as high-quality derivatives of methanol-(C1)-chemistry
  • Extended delivery capability and flexibility through additional locations worldwide
  • Even more individual and sustainable solutions for your specific applications

You benefit from even more resins in the proverbial "prefere quality" – delivered worldwide, promptly and reliably.

3 reasons for Prefere Resins

Close to you
We deliver worldwide from 10 of our own production sites and 4 partner sites. You benefit from short delivery routes, fast reaction times and reliable deliveries.

With our concentrated experience and technical consultants with distinctive application know-how, we develop tailor-made solutions for you.

The proverbial “prefere quality” means for you: You can rely on products, experts and delivery times. Always. 


Phenolic Resins in Refractory Applications
21 April 2020
New article describing how phenolic resins have been successfully used in the refractory sector over a number of decades and how their structure provides particular benefits.

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Corona Virus - Letter to the customers
16 March 2020
Knowing the ongoing issues and concerns associated with Covid-19 (known as corona virus), we are taking the current situation seriously and are implementing necessary measures to protect our customers.

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Prefere Paraform Melamines Resins High Quality
Prefere Resins is well aware how important our products are to our customers' end-products. This great responsibility is our motivation to never rest to improve.
Dr. Arno Knebelkamp, CEO Prefere Resins