The number and variety of abrasive products is nearly limitless, as there are numerous substrates and grinding applications. Abrasives must have excellent thermal and chemical resistance to ensure efficient use and long service life.

As a major supplier to the abrasive industry, Prefere Phenolics has today a broad portfolio of modified and unmodified resins for the production of coated as well as bonded abrasives and glass cloth; our resin systems are highly regarded for consistent quality, long shelf life and ease of application. Our products give strong, resistant and durable bonds between grains, fillers and other components in wet or dry conditions.

Our product portfolio includes liquid phenolic, urea, and melamine resins as well as novolacs in powder. Our unsurpassed application knowledge helps you to optimise binder use, enhance your productivity and improve your competitiveness. 

We have the ability and flexibility to make any necessary technical adjustments to optimise performance and cost parameters for any given process. Our strong long-term commitment to serving the abrasives industry guarantees you a stable supplier relationship.

Applications at a glance

  • Grinding discs
  • Coated abrasives
  • Glass cloth impregnation
  • Non-woven, flexible abrasives

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