Paper Impregnation

Our phenolic resins improve the surface characteristics – such as increased chemical resistance, high durability and ease of machinability – of phenolic surface films. These industrial overlays are ideal for many industrial uses, including concrete forming and truck flooring.

We offer a full range of specially designed impregnation resins for both industrial as well as decorative laminates. We offer manufacturers of high pressure and low pressure laminates an array of specially designed phenolic, melamine and urea resins. Resins for specialty laminates with properties like fire retardancy and post-forming are also available.

Our highly experienced personnel help you choose the right resin, fine-tune your production line to run efficiently and ensure that the requirements for all your products are fully met.

Applications at a glance

  • Paper impregnation
  • Phenolic surface films (PSF)
  • Industrial and decorative laminates

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