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Since 1.7.2019 the former companies INEOS Melamines and INEOS Paraform belong to the Prefere Resins Group. This acquisition creates three new, strong business units: Prefere Phenolics, Prefere Melamines and Prefere Paraform.

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Phenolic Resins Foam

Phenolic foam is a versatile material used in a wide variety of applications where thermal performance, moisture resistance, fire performance and even structural strength are key performance criteria.

Our phenolic foam resins are used in a variety of applications such as the construction and engineering industries for heating, ventilating and air conditioning applications.

The use of phenolic-based foams in insulation is growing, as these are more stable in the case of fire and release almost no emissions. The mining/tunnelling industries use mining foam to fill in cracks and stabilise crumbling rock faces. Floral foam has to retain large volumes of water while maintaining its form – making it an ideal base for elaborate flower arrangements. Our resins are also used in orthopedic foams.

Applications at a glance

  • Floral foam
  • Insulation foam
  • Mining foam
  • I-Orthopedic foam

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