Phenolic, specialty amino resins, and high-quality derivatives of methanol-(C1)-chemistry - tailor made for you

Product development is a key focus area for Prefere Resins; we generate new innovative products and applications as well as customised existing products to meet your needs. High emphasis is placed on sustainability, emission reduction and alternative products.

With a number of product development facilities in Germany, Finland, Austria, and the U.S. we develop resins, additives, and solutions to enable and support our customers with their products and innovation processes.

Our experienced specialists make sure that these products are at the forefront of technology and constantly adapted to the changing needs of your industries. Indeed, a good deal of our product development is carried out in close cooperation with our customers. 

We are happy to help you

Elke Fliedner
Prefere Phenolics
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Christoph Prock
Prefere Phenolics
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Peter Lingenfelter
Prefere Phenolics
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Christian Rottländer
Prefere Melamines
Global Head of Technology Coatings, Paper & Rubber
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Martin Boenke
Prefere Melamines 
Technology Manager 
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Callum Poole
Prefere Melamines
Technology Manager
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Mario Renner
Prefere Paraform
Business Manager 
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