Sustainability is our element.

The zero on our balance sheet we are most proud of: Our CO2 emissions in 2050. 

As a leading international manufacturer of phenolic, special urea, melamine resins, and high-quality derivatives of methanol (C1) chemistry, we are aware of our responsibility for humans, nature, and the climate. With our “Mission Zero 2050” we are paving the way to climate-neutral production. In our Prefere Resins development laboratories, we realize our great dream of converting our production bio-based raw materials in the long term. Our engagement gets noticed: In 2021, we have received the Brandenburg Innovation Prize. Our experts were honoured with this award for a bio-based lignin resin for the production of phenolic foam. We also continuously reduce CO2 emissions during production and optimize our processes.

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Made with the superpower of trees.

Lignin-based resins consume fewer fossil raw materials and have a significantly improved CO2 balance. They enable our customers to bring even more sustainable solutions to the market, e. g. wood-based materials as a substitute for concrete and steel, as well as mineral wool or foam material to improve thermal insulation. This is how good chemistry will work in the future.

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Let‘s chem together.

Prefere Resins will reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2050. By switching to bio-based green raw materials, we want to have a significant impact on environmental and climate protection developments. This big change can only be achieved through a joint effort. That is why we work actively with partners along the entire value chain. We particularly look forward to your innovative ideas and projects. Together we will develop economical and sustainable solutions for sustainable products. For a healthy climate and a clean future.

Find our environmental statement and our sustainability goals here

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