Efficiency + innovation = sustainability

Prefere Resins develops customer solutions through advanced technology, process innovations and focused research. We work together with our customers to meet their demands, such as optimised production capacity, high quality glue bonds and low emission products.

We have a long tradition of minimising the environmental impact of our processes and products and we base our work on openness and continuous improvement. Our production sites, using modern technology and cleaner production processes, as well as producing more environmentally sound products, represent a competitive advantage in the markets we serve. All our sites in Europe are certified to the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

Safety is our main work principle. With our Information der Öffentlichkeit gemäß Störfall-Verordnung in Erkner and with our Emergency Brochure for our site in Mainz and in Frankfurt am Main (available only in German language) we are informing about our manufacturing processes and provide hints for the right behaviour in emergency cases.

Here you can download all certificates and documents of all our production sites:

Certificates of all our Production Sites

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