Refractory Materials

Prefere Phenolics’ resins products serve many applications where excellent thermal resistance together with high hot strength are required. These include the refractory application.

The widespread use of phenolic resins as a binder in the refractory industry is primarily due to the technical advantages they can offer. For example, phenolic resins used in the production of tap hole clay mixes show better workability and much improved strength compared to pitch bonded tap hole clay mixes.

Prefere Phenolics manufactures and markets a wide of range of phenolic resins intended for the refractory industry. Our range of products includes liquid phenolic resins either aqueous or dissolved in a variety of solvents like glycols, alcohols, furfural based, etc.

At Prefere Phenolics we also supply an extensive range of powdered phenolic resins with modified and unmodified base novolak as well as different hardener systems. Prefere’s resins range of products is suitably used in the refractory industry to produce shaped or unshaped products.

Applications at a glance

  • ASC, AMC and MC bricks
  • Isostatically pressed monolithics
  • Sliding plates, tundish nozzles, cover plates
  • Tap hole clays
  • Spraying slurries
  • Ramming masses
  • Vibration masses
  • Injection masses

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