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Fulfilling demanding customer specifications is our business ever since 1907. We are not only experienced in the development and production of innovative, tailor-made resins – our experts are also professionals in exceeding your expectations.

We offer a broad portfolio of resol and novolak products that are manufactured to demanding customer specifications. In addition, our development departments develop tailor-made formulations that exactly meet your requirements. We deliver on the minute from our eight locations across Europe.

Prefere Phenolics Product Range

Resins for Construction

Products you can build on. Our resins are suitable for a wide range of wood based construction applications.

Resins for Construction

Resins for Industrial Use

Find a resin that fits your requirements exactly – from abrasives to phenolic resin foam – to ensure smooth production processes.

Resins for Industrial Use

Resins for Insulation

Mineral wool offers thermal and acoustic insulation and excellent properties in fire protection. All thanks to the customised resins that bind them.

Resins for Insulation

Your main advantages

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With production all across Europe, we’re always close to you.

Individual formulas for your application – developed in our own R&D departments.

Best connections. Not only in the lab.

Benefit from our network. Being a member of all relevant industry associations, we have access to a strong network of experts globally. Being connected helps us identify upcoming trends and define suitable solutions, always state-of-the-art.

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Proven quality. Available also with green chemistry.

Are you interested in sustainable products that efficiently improve your carbon footprint? They are already part of our portfolio today. If you cannot find your desired product, we are happy to develop it together with you. More information about our sustainability concept “Mission Zero 2050” is available here.

Start your journey to sustainability with us
Our lignin based resin is the proof that carbon neutral products are feasable – even by todays means. The time has come to transfer this knowledge to the entire industry.
Elmar Boeke, CEO Prefere Resins

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