Prefere Resins has been awarded the Brandenburg Innovation Award 2021

15 September 2021

We are proud to have been awarded the Brandenburg Innovation Award 2021 for our bio-based lignin-phenolic resin for floral foam.

Lignin-based resins consume less fossil raw materials and have a significantly improved carbon footprint. They enable our customers to bring even more sustainable solutions to the market, e.g. engineered wood to replace concrete or steel and mineral wool or foam to improve thermal insulation.

Congratulations and many thanks to Elke Fliedner and the entire Prefere Resins team, who made this innovation possible with dedication and perseverance.

Award winners video (in DE only): Preisträger 2021 Kunststoffe und Chemie: Prefere Resins Germany GmbH - YouTube
Link to web article (in DE only): Steinbach: „Innovationen stärken Wettbewerbsfähigkeit“ - Brandenburger Innovationspreis (

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